Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Postcard Revolution! Part II

And so it begins continues...the postcards are mailing.

Today--September 6, 2011--I received two wonderful postcards.

2 postcards.

1 day!

Let's see, what's the perfect song, lyrics-wise?  Why, I think we could do worse than the Pogues' "Thousands Are Sailing", about immigrants coming to America:

Thousands are sailing
Again across the ocean
Where the hand of opportunity
Draws tickets in a lottery
Postcards we're mailing
Of sky-blue skies and oceans
From rooms the daylight never sees
Where lights don't glow on christmas trees
But we dance to the music
And we dance

Remember, this is (y)our assignment: mail 2 postcards to someone.  Anyone. 

As a refresher, here's Sharon's Call to Action:

I say let's start a revolution - a postcard revolution! Just think, if each of us sent two postcards with the message to send two postcards, well hell, we could not only revive the fine art of writing postcards, we could save the US Postal Service!

OK, here's the first postcard, from Liana:

This is a beaut'.  I have mailed and received thousands of postcards over the years, but this one is a new one for me.  It naturally brings to mind Magritte's '28-'29 painting "Les Trahison des Images," more commonly known as "This Is Not a Pipe."

The major difference, of course, is that while Magritte's painting was not a pipe, but an image of a pipe, this postcard most definitely is a postcard.

The second postcard is from Sharon, she of the original clarion call to our little revolution:

Oh boy, this is a classic.  Sharon's husband, Frank, found this postcard and, she says, she couldn't resist sending it to me even though it is meant for Air Mail and not domestic.

Note the date: 1985.  So, international postcard postage was 33 cents in '85.  Today:  98 cents.

Keep writing.  Keep mailing...

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